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Alfonso "KidEnzo" Colichon has had a pretty big year so far.

"I've been blessed," the 31-year-old New Jersey/Philadelphia native says over lemonade and muffins in Studio City. Between auditioning for commercials and music videos, the break-dancer entered a contest by uploading a video to his social media profiles. His slick moves won him the big prize: a brand new Nissan Juke Nismo. But the one thing he plans on not pursuing this year? Driving his brand new car every day. "I might just have it be a weekend car. Be safe with it," he says smiling.

Colichon learned B-boy dancing from the greats. Growing up in New Jersey, he traveled to New York to watch the some of the best break dancers in the business. "I learned how to dance in the Bronx," Colichon says ripping off a piece of his chocolate-banana muffin. Beginning to dance at 16 years old, Colichon traveled into New York to attend events run by legendary break dance crew "Rock Steady." Immersing himself in the scene, Colichon practiced his craft and hung around the likes of Flipz and Cloud who he would eventually follow out West and got the name "Kid Enzo" which stands for "Killing It Daily Every Night Zoning Out." "Before we would dance in a competition we would tell each other to go and 'kill it,' sort of like 'break a leg,'" he explains. "Zoning out means to the music, getting deep into the music."

Moving to Los Angeles was always the plan for Colichon. Attending the Art Institute in Philadelphia to study graphic design and web design, Colichon confesses he didn't pay that much attention to school. "I really just wanted to dance," he says. After he earned his degree, Colichon took a steady job at the Philadelphia International Airport. "My whole purpose for working at the airport was to get to L.A," he says. "I didn't have enough money to move so I just waited for a transfer." As the years went by, Colichon was settling in to the fact that maybe moving to Los Angeles wasn't in the cards. "I was about to give up and then one day I got a phone call. They said I had two weeks to move and until the end of the day to decide if I wanted to go to L.A." The news jarred him because the reality of leaving the East Coast to pursue dreams in his late twenties was nerve-racking. "It was put in front of my face and I was scared," he says, now biting into a plain croissant. "I thought it over and just went for it."

But moving to Los Angeles would prove to be one of the best moves he has ever made. Shortly after arriving to the West Coast he left his airport job to pursue dancing fulltime. Getting cast on a Wilmer Valdarama-produced dance reality show, King of the Floor, Colichon met his future agent and a lot of contacts. While the pilot wasn't picked up, it would be just the gig he needed to get him in the circuit.

The last three months may have trumped his last three years in Southern California. Playing a break-dancing janitor in Pharrell's 24-hour "Happy" music video early in the year (he says he actually looked like an "astronaut" in his costume) and just finishing up shooting a Lunchables commercial with Rob Dyrdek at his "Fantasy Factory," winning a brand new car was just icing on his already baked cake.

"I wouldn't say that I am religious person but I do believe in God. And with all of this, I believe more than ever," he says as he slides on his sunglasses and smiles. Looking forward to finding a "safe" place to park his new car he can't help but still look startled that this is all happening.

By Liz Culley

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